Expense tracking

With Zervant you can track your expenses and purchase receipts. This feature is currently available for users in Finland with a PRO subscription or higher.


How to upload your expenses into Zervant

In order to track your expenses, we recommend connecting your bank account with Zervant. Navigate to the Expenses (Beta) tab and click on "Choose your bank".

Read more about connecting your bank account here: Using payment reconciliation


Once your bank account is connected, Zervant will automatically fetch your expenses. If the connection with your bank is expired, you will get a notification under "Expenses".



You can also add expenses manually by clicking on “Add expense” and you can search for your expenses through the search bar.

When adding/editing an expense, you can now add multiple VAT percentages to the expense. This VAT breakdown is also shown in the expense report. You can also select a category for your expenses through the drop-down menu. 



Adding receipts

You can add receipts by

  • Dragging and dropping a receipt to the right line on the left hand view
  • Dragging and dropping to the right hand page when an expense is selected
  • Clicking “Drag and drop receipt” on the right-hand side and choosing a file from the file selector (PDF, .png or .jpg)
  • Clicking on the plus icon in the expense overview
  • Adding an expense manually and adding the receipt at the same time

Add and edit a description for an expense by selecting the expense and clicking on "Edit" on the right-hand side. 

You can delete a receipt by clicking "Remove" under the attachment.

You can also delete an expense. You can find the deleted expense in the “Deleted” folder and restore it if necessary. 


Downloading your expenses report

You can download a .csv-file containing all your expenses with the information added by going to your reports, clicking on "Expenses report" and “Download data as csv. file”.


The report contains the following information:

  • Transaction ID: the ID of the transaction as received from the bank
  • Vendor: the name of the recipient of the payment
  • Transaction date: the date of the purchase
  • Description: the description inserted by you
  • Amount: the amount paid
  • Category: expense category
  • Currency: the currency in which the payment was made
  • Reference number: the reference number for the payment, if any
  • Booking date: the date when the money has been deducted from the bank account







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