Online bank payments for invoices

This service available in Zervant is carried out in cooperation with Tink. It allows your customers to pay your invoices directly via online banking. This will make it easier for your customers to pay your invoices, allowing you to get paid faster!



IMPORTANT: This service is currently only available for customers in Finland with a premium subscription (STARTER, PRO, or GROWTH).


How to enable online bank payments

  1. Go to >My account >Payment methods
  2. Enter your IBAN number in your payment methods and click >Save
  3. When you create invoices, send them to your customer by email


That’s it! When your customers use online bank payments, they will execute the payment via their online bank to your primary IBAN number.



Please note: Only the default IBAN set as payment method will be used for the online bank payments. Please check that you have your preferred IBAN account number set as default to which the payment should arrive. For more information on multiple IBAN numbers and setting as default, please click here.


What does this mean for your customer?

Once you have sent an invoice to your customer by email, they can open the invoice directly from their email inbox and will be redirected to a new webpage.


On the upper right corner, your customer can click >Pay now and follow the instructions on the webpage. With one click on >Pay with Online Bank, your customer can login to their own online bank and pay your invoice. 



What do I have to do?

You can relax - once your customer has completed the payment for your invoice, the invoice status of that invoice will change to >Paid. You can see in your invoice history that the payment has been initiated by your customer and the banks are processing the payment.

Depending on your bank institute and the bank institute of your customer, it can take up to 5 business days for the payment to arrive on your bank account.

Please note!
If the payment fails for some reason, there will be no notification about it.
If the payment does not appear in your bank account (after 5 banking days), change the status of the invoice back to "Unpaid" and send it again.

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