Creating and converting estimates with the Android app

In order to create an estimate on your Android app, click on the hamburger icon in the top-left corner of your Home screen. Select Estimates from the menu in order to get to your estimate list.


1. Click on the plus icon on the bottom-right.

2. You can edit the estimate number, discount settings, references, currency and estimate language.

3. Select your customer, the estimate date, the expiration date for the estimate and add products.

You can either select a customer or product from your list or create a new one by clicking the plus icon on the bottom-right.

4. Add a message and a footnote to give your estimate a personal touch.

5. Save your estimate as a draft by clicking on the three dots on the top right or proceed to approving your estimate by click "Next". Please check that all details on the invoice are correct.

6. You can send your estimate by clicking the Adroid_send.png icon and selecting the delivery option from the drop down menu.


Converting estimates into invoices

You can convert an estimate into an invoice by selecting the estimate, clicking on the three dots on the top right and selecting "Convert to invoice". This is a premium feature.




If you wish to name your estimates "quote", you can change the title of your document by going to Zervant's browser version, selecting the estimate, selecting edit and going to "settings" on the right-hand side to change the estimate header.


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