Navigating the invoice list on the Android app

Login to your app and navigate to the hamburger icon in the top-left corner. Select Invoices from the menu in order to get to your invoice list. You can select outstanding invoices, drafts, overdue, paid or deleted invoices from the top menu bar.




Search invoices

You can search invoices with invoice number, company name or amount due by clicking on the 🔍 icon.


Create invoices

By clicking on the plus icon on the bottom right, you can add a new invoice. Read more about creating invoices on your Android app here: Creating invoices with the Android app


Manage invoices/drafts

1. Select an invoice from your invoice list. You can edit, show, delete or approve/send your invoice or draft.

2. Edit your invoice or draft by selecting the invoice and click on the ✏️ icon on the top right

3. Edit the details of the invoice and click "Next" to save the changes.

4. Approve or send your invoice by clicking on the Adroid_send.png icon and selecting from the options below.




Delete invoices/drafts

In order to delete an invoice or draft, select the invoice/draft, click on the three dots on the top-right corner and select "Delete".


Change the status of your invoices/drafts

Your invoice automatically changes the status from "draft" to "created" when you approve the invoice (as described above). When sending an invoice through Zervant by email, post or as an e-invoice, the status automatically changes to "sent".

You can mark the invoice as "paid" or "in collection" by selecting the invoice and clicking on the status icon ("created", "sent" or "overdue") in order to change the status. When marking an invoice as paid, you can select between bank and cash. 


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