Offer your business customers the ‘Zervant Pay Later’ option and get paid on time

As a Zervant user, you can offer your business customers* the option to get your invoice financed so you get paid on time.

This is hugely beneficial for you if you produce goods, pay employees or simply want better control of your business's cash flow.

Your business customers* have the chance to pay your invoice in instalments and you get paid the full invoice value to your bank account upon the due date. And the best thing: this service is offered to you for free!


*Your customers must be businesses as this service can be only applied on business-to-business (B2B) purchases. This service is offered currently to Finnish, French, Dutch and Swedish business customers only.


How does it work?

When you create and send an invoice to your business customers* via email, you can offer them to pay your invoice in instalments. You can enable/disable this option under >My Account >Payment methods or from the dashboard >Edit details >Payment methods.

The option will be automatically selected by default so you do not need to take any action.

Please check that your payment information is inserted correctly to ensure that you get the payment to your correct bank account. You can do so under >My Account>Payment methods.


Once you send the invoice to your business customers, they will have the option to pay your invoice in instalments. This service is provided by Zervant in collaboration with Ageras Finance to your business customers. Ageras Finance is founded by the Ageras Group, which Zervant is a part of.

Below you can see how it looks for your client.



Your customers will go through an application process directly with Zervant via Ageras Finance to check if they are eligible for using the provided service for your invoice, 100% free, transparent and non-binding.


What do I have to do?

You can just relax as your business customer goes through the application process. 

You will get paid via bank transfer to the bank account stated on the sent invoice directly from us via Ageras Finance upon the due date of your invoice.


Please ensure that your payment details in your Zervant account and sent invoice are correct so that you receive the payment to the correct account.



If your business customers have questions about our ‘Zervant Pay later’ service, they can contact us via email at


  • What is 'Zervant Pay Later'?
    'Zervant Pay Later' is invoice financing for your business customers / the recipients of your invoices. Here, your business customers can pay your invoices in instalments while you will receive the full invoice amount paid to your bank account upon the due date.

This service is offered currently to Finnish, Swedish and Dutch business customers only.

  • Which of my customers are eligible for 'Zervant Pay Later'?
    The invoice financing service for your customers can be only applied to business customers as this can be only used on B2B purchases.

    Your business customers must be located in the supported markets (currently Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands only).


  • What does 'Zervant Pay Later' cost for me as a Zervant user?
    The great news is that the service for 'Zervant Pay Later' is completely free for you!


  • How do you make money if this is provided for free?
    We will charge a small monthly fee from your business customers for the duration of the payback period. They can pay us back at any time and there will be no more fees. We do not charge interest or any establishment fees.


  • Who is the lender?
    The product is provided by Zervant in collaboration with Ageras Finance, which is registered as a lending company with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Ageras Finance is founded by the Ageras Group, of which Zervant is a part of.


  • How quickly will my invoice get paid?
    We transfer the money to your bank account via Ageras Finance upon the due date based on the information provided on the sent invoice.


  • Why do you offer 'Zervant Pay Later'?
    As part of Ageras Group, we want to help the self-employed to succeed with their business. We do this e.g. by offering financing for expansion, growth, purchases of goods, purchases of assets etc.
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