Delivering an invoice from the mobile app

With Zervant, you have several options to deliver an invoice to your customer.

On the mobile app we currently offer invoice delivery by:

1. Email

2. Post

3. E-invoice

4. Download PDF

5. Share a link


In order to send an invoice, please click the share_icon.png icon, then select your desired delivery method from the drop down. Read more instructions here:



When sending an invoice by email, please make sure the recipients email address is correct.

You can add another recipient's mail address and send a copy to yourself. You can also modify the email text and save it as the default email text.



When sending an invoice by post, the required information must be filled in. If you haven't added the necessary details to the customer details, you can still add them before sending the invoice.



Read more about e-invoicing here: What is e-invoicing?

When sending an e-invoice, please make sure you fill in all the required information and know the correct e-invoicing address of the recipient. Read more about Understanding e-invoicing addresses.



Please note: It is not possible yet to send attachments from your mobile app.


PDF file

If you wish to print an invoice or send it from your own email account, you can download the invoice as PDF from Zervant. Select "Download as PDF" and find the file from files on your mobile device. 

Please note that you can not print straight from Zervant.


Share a link

On the mobile app you also have the possibility to share your invoice as a link. Select "Share with a link" and select from your device's sharing options.


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