Creating invoices with the mobile app

Before you create an invoice, we advice you to set up your account.

Learn how to add company details, logo, payment information etc. here:

Setting up your account on the mobile app


In order to create an invoice on your iOS app:

1. Click on "Invoices" on the bottom-left.


2. Create a new invoice by selecting the plus icon on the top-right.

3. Edit the invoice number, discount settings, late payment interest, currency and invoice language and select references for your invoice. 

Please note that you can not edit the invoice number within an existing invoice number sequence. Our software will always apply the next sequencial invoice number in this sequence. If you wish to select another or add a new invoice number sequence, select the field "Invoice number" and select another already added invoice number sequence or click on + in order to create a new invoice number sequence. Learn more about Invoice numbering.


4. Select your customer, the invoice date, payment terms and products.

You can either select a customer or product from your list or create a new one by clicking the plus icon on the top-right corner.

You can also add a title, a text field or a subtotal by clicking on the three dots next to "Add item".

5. Add a massage and a footnote to give your invoice a personal touch.



6. Click "Next" on the top-right corner and check that all details on the invoice are correct.

7. Save your invoice as a draft by clicking on the three dots on the top right or approve or send the invoice by clicking the share_icon.png icon and selecting from the drop down:


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