Zervant Instant Pay

Zervant can pay the invoice on your customer’s behalf so you get paid instantly.

It’s a huge benefit if you produce goods, pay employees or simply want better control of your business’ cash flow.

With 'Zervant Instant Pay' we’ll transfer the money to you today so you don’t have to wait for your customer to pay. Your customer will still pay the invoice directly to you.

Please note, that your application for financing needs to be approved by Ageras Financing. 

This service is only available in Finland and Sweden.


Benefits of 'Zervant Instant Pay'

  • Fast: Free up liquidity within one business day - pay us when your customer pays
  • Flexible: You decide which invoice to get paid instantly
  • Customer centric: Your customer will get the invoice as normally and will not be affected
  • Transparent: No interest or hidden fees

How To Use It

If the invoice is eligible for the instant pay, you will see the offer in the invoice preview among “Approve and send” options.



Selecting this option will open a dialog detailing the offering for the invoice. After clicking on the “Apply” button, the invoice will be finalized, and the application will be sent to Ageras.

NB! You will still need to send the invoice to your customer. 

send invoice to customer


If this is your first application, or you haven’t finished it before, you will be requested to fill in some company details and sign the contract. This is a step authorities require us to complete before transferring money to your account. 



If you have questions then contact us via email

  • What is 'Zervant Instant Pay'?
    'Zervant Instant Pay' is invoice financing where we’ll pay out the invoice amount (minus a fee that you know upfront) immediately to your bank account. The total invoice amount will be repaid to us after the invoice due date.
    When we pay out the financing amount you receive a statement with the relevant information such as amount, payment information and due date.
  • What are the requirements for my company?
    We have the following requirements:
    • The company must be a customer of Zervant (in Finland, Sweden or the Netherlands).
    • The company owner(s) must not have negative entries in a debt register or BKR.
    • The company owner(s) must guarantee the loan amount.
  • How can I use the 'Zervant Instant Pay' option?
    If the invoice is eligible for the 'Zervant Instant Pay' application, you will see the “Get Paid Now” option in the invoice preview. Use this option to send us an application for a payout. If you haven’t filled out the application form before, you will be requested to do so after the application is sent. The form is filled only once for the company.
    Please remember that you still need to send the invoice to your customer.
  • Why don't I see the 'Zervant Instant Pay' option in the invoice preview?
    The following criteria must be met for invoices to be considered for financing:
    • Invoice amount: 150.00 € to 20 000.00 €
    • Payment terms: 14 days to 119 days
  • What does 'Zervant Instant Pay' cost?
    'Zervant Instant Pay' will cost a small fee (typically 0.5% to 3% of the invoice amount). The fee will be visible before the money is paid out. The fee amount depends on the invoice amount, due date, your customer’s payment history and your company’s credit score. Your first invoice financed with 'Zervant Instant Pay' is free. 
  • How does 'Zervant Instant Pay' affect my customer?
    You should send your invoice to your customer the same way as you do normally. Your customer will receive the invoice with your design, data, etc., and will pay directly to your account.
  • When and how will I repay the financing amount?
     You must repay the invoice amount no later than 3 days after the invoice due date to the bank account found in the signup flow for this service. If you need to find the bank details for the repayment at a later stage, you can do so by logging in to https://app.agerasfinance.com/ by using your email. You will get a one time password that you can use to log in on the next page.
  • What if my customer does not pay?
    Simply remind your customer as usual if they do not pay on time, e.g. through Zervant. We expect to get our money back 3 days after the invoice is due. If your customer has not paid yet, and you do not have free liquidity, please contact us at finance-support@zervant.com, and we will arrange a postponement agreement together if needed.
  • Who is the lender?
    The product is provided by Zervant in collaboration with Ageras Finance, which is registered as a lending company with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Ageras Finance is founded by the Ageras Group, of which Zervant is a part.
  • How quickly can I get the amount paid out?
    We transfer the money the same day your application is approved.
  • What information do you need for application and credit assessment?
    In connection with the loan application, an individual credit assessment is made and in this connection, your accounting information is obtained from Zervant. In some cases, additional information may be needed, for example from the tax office for the company owner.
  • Why do you offer Immediate Payment?
    As part of Ageras Group, we want to help the self-employed to succeed with their business. We do this e.g. by offering financing for expansion, growth, purchases of goods, purchases of assets etc.
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