15.02.2021 - [INFORMATION] Improvements of postal invoice delivery in Switzerland!

Quicker postal delivery in Switzerland

Good news for our users in Switzerland! We have improved our function of postal invoice delivery in Switzerland with our partner Basware.

Basware, a global leader in invoice delivery services for software companies, will make sure your invoice is in the post within one working day, after which it will be delivered according to second class delivery schedules in your country.

Changes in the invoice template for Swiss users

Due to our improvements, changes apply to the invoice template for our Swiss users. The changes in the invoice template ensure a quicker postal delivery and also correspond to the specifications of the display of the invoices.

Please check the image below to compare the new invoice template that is valid immediately:Comparison_of_old_vs._new_invoice_layout_for_Switzerland.png


The most important changes in summary:

  • Revision of invoice header:
    • The invoice sender will be displayed in the upper left corner
    • Your logo will be displayed on the right upper corner
    • The invoice recipient will be displayed in the invoice header on the left
    • Detailed information on invoice no., date and payment terms are summarised on the right side
  • Invoice title: this will be displayed in the middle of your invoice. Your message text will be displayed below that
  • Revision of invoice footer
    • Your company details are listed in the footer below the line





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