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Frequently asked questions:

Is Zervant for me?

Zervant is an online invoicing software. With Zervant you can create an unlimited number of invoices and estimates, send them to your customers and track your invoice status. You can also follow your income with different financial reports, for example a transactions report that you can export to your accountant. 

Our core offering, sending invoices via email and downloading them as PDFs, is free. Alongside this, we also offer several Premium Features, such as payment reminders, e-invoices and sending invoices by post, allowing you the most efficient and convenient ways to invoice your customers.

The product is currently localised for eight countries: the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, and Finland. You are able to use Zervant from other countries, as we also have an international version that does not contain any country-specific settings (Note: Premium Features are currently unavailable for countries outside our localised countries).

Zervant can also be used for international sales, for example together with TransferWise. Instructions on how to enable this can be found here.

We focus mainly on providing our services to small businesses and entrepreneurs, but there's no limit to the type of business or company you can use Zervant with. Zervant is also designed to be as flexible as possible, so different industries can use our services. You can add information related to your own activities in the empty fields provided (e.g. Message, Footnote). We also recommend checking with your accountant that the reports created with Zervant are sufficient for your business.

Can I use Zervant for free?
In a word: yes! You can create and send invoices via email or download them as PDF for free.

Why is Zervant free?

Managing invoices is a pain. We think that all entrepreneurs should have access to a tool that makes this process as quick and simple as possible, particularly as any limitations on sending invoices and estimates can quickly create difficulties for small business owners. As such, we decided to offer a free invoicing product.
Of course, we also need to make money. That is why we offer several Premium Features that you can use to increase your productivity.
Is my data safe?
We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers to store your data at a secure location within Europe (London, Ireland or Frankfurt). AWS provides state of the art physical and environmental security, so you can rest assured that there is no safer place for your data. You can read more about security at AWS data centres here.

Secure connections
All our connections use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, the same level of security as online banking systems.

All the various components that make up our system, including networks, servers, and our database are distributed to at least two different data centres at separate locations. This means the availability of our service is not affected, should there be an issue at one of the locations.

We make daily backups of everything to ensure that no information is lost (in case of, for example, disaster recovery).

Please remember that you own your data, and as such should ensure you also have your own backup copy. Check here for information on how to export your data.
Does Zervant integrate with other software?

The short answer is no. It is not possible to integrate Zervant with other software nor is the Zervant API open for now.

This is something we are currently working on in the form of bank account integration. If you have any suggestions about which software you’d like to see Zervant integrate with, don’t hesitate to provide us feedback via the contact form.

Can I use one Zervant account with multiple users?
Creating different users to access the same account is not possible at the moment. You can only have one username to your Zervant account.

You can share your username with your employees to give them access to the account, but we do not recommend using it on multiple devices at the same time. Zervant is a cloud based software, and there
will likely be problems with data integrity if one account is used simultaneously in different tabs/browsers/computers.

Creating different Zervant accounts to manage invoicing for one company is not recommended either, because the software allows Company IDs and VAT numbers to be used only once. Multiple accounts also would not sync with each other's automatically.

Having different user roles to one account is a highly requested feature, and we hope to implement it in the future. 
What is available on the Zervant mobile app?
There are two ways you can use Zervant: by going to or by using the Zervant mobile app, available for both iOS and Android. The Zervant mobile app is constantly being updated and improved, but currently it’s possible to do the following in the app: 
  • Create invoices and estimates.
  • Send your invoices and estimates via email or download them as PDF.
  • Send your invoices and estimates as a link through any messaging app.
  • Access your invoice list and get an overview of your paid and overdue invoices.
  • Access your estimate list and get an overview of your accepted and rejected estimates.
  • Change the status of your invoices to track overdue invoices.
  • Add and edit your customers.
  • Add and edit new products and services.
Additional services are available in the web-app. These include: 
  • Receipts, payment reminders, payment schedules, time tracking, delivery notes and online payments.
  • Additional default invoice settings : message, footnote, VAT, currency and preferred payment methods.
  • Postal delivery and e-invoices.
  • Subscribe to a Premium plan.
How many decimals does Zervant support?
At the moment you can define prices to two decimal places (e.g. 9,99 €).
Is Zervant certified to comply with the new anti-fraud legislation in France?
We are working on complying with the new anti-fraud legislation in France. However, the process of implementing changes required by the legislation is complex and needs quite a bit of technical work from us. We want to make using Zervant as easy and flexible as possible and achieving this with the new requirements put in place takes time.
Nevertheless, our aim is to obtain an anti-fraud legislation compliance certificate in 2018.
Does Zervant offer a DATEV integration?
Currently it is not possible to export your accounting data in DATEV format.
How to refer Zervant to a friend

You can refer Zervant to your friend or colleague directly from your Zervant account. If you do so, you will receive a £ 13 reward!




How to use the referral

1. Go to >My Account and >Refer Zervant

2. You will find a personal referral link that you can copy and share with anyone you like and as many times as you want. Share the link with any service you prefer (e.g., email, text message, messengers, etc.).

3. Your friend can access Zervant through this link and create a new account. This new account will be subsequently counted as a "referred-account". If your friend does not use this link, their account will not be counted as one of your referrals.

4. After setting up the referral account, your friend can immediately use Zervant as a free version (check the notes below for more details).

5. For you to get the reward of £13, your friend needs to subscribe to one of our Zervant Premium plans and pay at least £13 (excl. VAT).
For example, if your friend subscribes to the STARTER plan, you will receive your reward after they've been subscribed for three months.

6. Once your friend has paid £13, we will pay the reward to the bank account that you have entered under >My Account >Payment methods. You can follow the >status of your referrals and rewards in the upper right corner.


Please note

  • Your friend will get an extended free trial of 30 days to one of our Zervant premium subscriptions
  • You get £13 once for every person you have invited to Zervant and who has paid at least £13.
  • It can take up to 60 days for the reward payment to appear in your bank account.
  • You can find the full terms of the referral programme here.
Seems like Zervant isn't working properly. What's wrong?

If you encounter any issues with our software functionality, there are a few things you can do yourself that most likely resolve any issue you may be experiencing.


1. Make sure you use a supported browser that is up to date

After prolonged testing of Zervant and its features, we have concluded that some issues may occur when using older browser versions. Please note that we do NOT support Internet Explorer at all anymore. For this reason, before you proceed with the troubleshooting, please make sure that you are using a supported Internet browser.

We support Windows/macOS/Linux operating systems using the latest versions of:

  • Google Chrome 
  • Mozilla Firefox 
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

You can check which version you are running by navigating to >Help and selecting >About or >Settings >About on most browsers.


2. Refresh the page

Most issues can be resolved by simply refreshing the page in your browser. Look for the refresh icon (circled arrow which is usually located next to the address bar). If you still have issues, please proceed to the next step.


3. Clear browser cache/cookies

Your browser has a folder in which certain downloaded items have been stored for future use. Graphics or images (such as, buttons and icons), photos, and even entire web pages are examples of items which are saved or cached. When visiting a webpage your browser checks if a copy of the files on the page is in its cache already. If so, it will save the visitor some downloading and make webpages load faster. Some browsers refer to its cache also as 'Temporary Internet Files'.
There are some situations when bypassing your browser's cache is preferred. Just refreshing the page will not be sufficient because this reloads the web page while still using the old files from the cache. You need to refresh your cache first and you can find step by step guides below. This will force the browser to re-download all the latest data from Zervant:

Google Chrome

  • Click >Options (on the right of the address bar), select >Settings
  • Under Privacy, select >Clear browsing data. If not visible, click >+ Show advanced settings to make it appear
  • Select >Cookies and other site data and >Cached images and files
  • Choose the >Time range of data to clear. To clear your entire cache, select >all time
  • Click >Clear data and exit/quit all browser windows


Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the >Menu icon (next to the address bar), select >History. Select >Clear Recent History
  • Select your >Time range to clear. To clear your entire cache, select >Everything
  • Next to Details, click the down-arrow to choose which elements of the history to clear. To clear your entire cache, select >all items
  • Click >Clear Now. After that, exit/quit all browser windows


Apple Safari

  • From the Safari menu, select >Clear History
  • Select the desired >Time range, then click >Clear History
  • Go to >Quit Safari or press Command + Q to exit the browser completely


Microsoft Edge

  • In the top right, click the >Hub icon (looks like three horizontal lines)
  • Click the >History icon, and then select >Clear all history
  • Select >Browsing history, >Cookies and saved website data and >Cached data and files. After that, click >Clear
  • After the "All Clear!"-message appears exit/quit all browser windows


4. If this didn't solve your issue, please contact our customer support

If you are still experiencing issues with the software functionality and you did the above steps, it may be time to contact our customer support team and describe your problem. We will respond in a timely manner and assist you with the resolution of the issue that you are experiencing.

Zervant doesn't load after logging in. What should I do?

There might be multiple reasons for this issue, but the most common reasons we encountered are:


Browser Cache issues

Browser cache issues or problems with cookies might interfere with page information saving. Clearing the browser cache/cookies or browser data usually solves the issue. 


Ad-blocking add-ons

Our software relies on data that comes from various sources and it can happen that one of them is blocked by an ad-blocker. To ensure full functionality of the software, we recommend you to disable ad-blocker on our site or temporarily disable it, so that Zervant can function properly.


Safari Private Window

In the past, there have been issues when using the Safari browser in its "Private Window". You can identify a private window in Safari from its dark 'Smart Search' field with white text. Due to the way Safari handled cookies and cache in this mode, Zervant would not work correctly. If that issue reappears, open a new window on Safari not using the "Private Window"-function.

I am using two or more accounts at the same time and I have problems. Why?

Zervant is a cloud-based software, therefore, when using two or more accounts at the same time on the same browser, it is highly likely that problems occur with data integrity while using Zervant. This is also related to the browser cache and account data that is stored during the duration of your login session.

Things that may happen are invoices or customers being saved in the wrong account or wrong data displayed in different views. These issues are not Zervant-specific and the same type of behaviour can occur when using any web app while you are logged in with two or more accounts at the same time.

If more accounts have to be used at the same time on the same computer, the best way is to use different browsers for different accounts (e.g. Google Chrome for account 1 and Mozilla Firefox for account 2).

I'm having trouble using Zervant with my phone or tablet. Why?

Our Zervant invoicing software is a robust web application relying on browser functionalities that are fully included on the Windows/macOS/Linux platforms. Due to functional limitations on phone or tablet browsers, unexpected issues might appear when using Zervant within browsers on mobile devices.

However, we do offer a mobile app for Android and iOS. You can download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, respectively. Click here to learn about features available on our mobile apps. We are constantly working on the mobile applications to offer the full functionalities as in the full browser version.

Can I book my expenses in Zervant?

It is not possible to book your expenses, purchase invoices or handle your accounting in Zervant.

With Zervant you can create and send invoices for free. Beyond that we also have premium features that will improve your overall invoicing experience and help you to get paid faster.

Can I receive purchase invoices to my Zervant account?

You can create and send invoices from your Zervant account, but processing purchase invoices with your account is not possible.

Does Zervant support inventory management?

The current version of Zervant does not support inventory management. However, you do have the option to import your product database.

Does Zervant support self-billing arrangements?

Self-billing is an arrangement between a supplier and a customer. Both customer and supplier must be VAT registered. The customer prepares the supplier's invoice and forwards a copy to the supplier with the payment.

Unfortunately our software does not support self-billing at this time.

Find out more about Zervant's billing software.

How do I mark a credit loss in Zervant?

If you encounter a situation where a client doesn’t pay your invoice - even after you have made efforts to recoup the due payments - you will need to mark the invoice as a credit loss (often recorded as a “doubtful account”).


We do not currently offer a direct solution for recording a credit loss in our service, but you can do the following:

1. Go to the Invoices tab.

2. Choose the invoice you want to mark as a credit loss -> click on More on the top right and choose Copy as new.

3. Edit the invoice as follows:

  • Mark the item rows as negative values by putting minus (-) in front of the totals.
  • Under Settings on the right, change the Invoice header from Invoice to Credit loss.
  • Note the invoice number of the original unpaid invoice in the Message field.

4. Approve the invoice.

5. Mark both the original invoice and the newly-created “credit loss” invoice as paid. This way, any reports you generate from your Zervant account will be accurate.


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