How do I mark a credit loss in Zervant?

If you encounter a situation where a client doesn’t pay your invoice - even after you have made efforts to recoup the due payments - you will need to mark the invoice as a credit loss (often recorded as a “doubtful account”).


We do not currently offer a direct solution for recording a credit loss in our service, but you can do the following:

1. Go to the Invoices tab.

2. Choose the invoice you want to mark as a credit loss -> click on More on the top right and choose Copy as new.

3. Edit the invoice as follows:

  • Mark the item rows as negative values by putting minus (-) in front of the totals.
  • Under Settings on the right, change the Invoice header from Invoice to Credit loss.
  • Note the invoice number of the original unpaid invoice in the Message field.

4. Approve the invoice.

5. Mark both the original invoice and the newly-created “credit loss” invoice as paid. This way, any reports you generate from your Zervant account will be accurate.

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