My SEPA payment was disputed. What should I do?

If you pay for your Zervant subscription using SEPA Direct Debit payments we will notify you of any disputes within your Zervant account.

What is a disputed payment? When we issue a charge to your bank account in order to receive payment for your subscription, you or your bank can block this payment by disputing the charge - even if a receipt for the payment has already been issued.


How does a payment become disputed?

There are many possible reasons for a charge to be disputed however these are the most common:

  • Your bank details are incorrect - often there is a typo in the payment details you provided to Zervant.
  • SEPA is not activated - with many banks, this payment method must be activated manually, either within your online banking or by getting in touch with your bank.
  • Insufficient funds - there is not enough money in the bank account connected to SEPA.
  • Bank cannot process - e.g. your bank requires your authorisation for the payment.
  • You initiated it - you blocked the payment due to some other reason.

How can I fix this?

1. You will be prompted with the below message when you log in to your Zervant account. The most important information are as follows:

  • The plan and period of time for which we didn’t receive payment.
  • Invoice/s that you or your bank have disputed. You can also check all your payments under My account -> My plan -> Purchase history.
  • The outstanding balance you must pay to keep your Premium plan.

Fix payment disputes in Zervant

2. Click on Fix the issue.

3. In the next window you must select a payment method. Following two disputed payments, SEPA Direct Debit becomes unavailable as a payment option. In this case, you must provide alternative means of payment.
Note: Please do not transfer any money manually to any bank account.

  • Use credit card: Click Select button -> Fill in your card details -> click Change.
  • Use SEPA Direct Debit: Contact your bank to find out why your previous attempt to pay with SEPA was disputed and to confirm that SEPA payments are authorised on your account. Click Select button -> click on Change if you decide to use a different account -> Check the box to confirm the terms and conditions (I have reviewed the checklist and accept these special terms) ->  click on Confirm.

Choose payment method to fix a dispute in Zervant

Once you’ve confirmed the payment method, you will be charged the amount shown in the first window and you can continue using Zervant normally.

Note: please do not transfer money directly from your bank. Instead, update your payment details in your Zervant account.

Please note that if you are using SEPA as a payment method in Finland, and the payment is disputed, you will no longer be able to fix the issue with SEPA, and need to change the payment method to a card payment.

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