I have problems with creating a new Zervant account. What can I do?

When signing up for a new account at Zervant or creating a new Zervant account, it rarely happens that it is not possible to register.

At Zervant, we are using a system to check the login email addresses for security measures. When using individual email addresses as a login email address (e.g., user@myownbusiness.com), the system sometimes cannot identify your email domain which could lead to issues when signing up.

To solve that issue, you can use another email address with a known email domain (e.g., your private email address with domains user@gmail.com, user@outlook.com, user@yahoo.com, and so on), so that the system can identify your email address and create your account.

Changing user name of Zervant account

After successfully creating your Zervant account, you can easily change your login email address in your settings:

Go to >My account, then >User account on the left column. There, you can click on >Change user name and insert your individual email address.


After saving the changes, you should now be able to login to your Zervant account using your individual email address.

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