SEPA Direct Debits

When paying for your subscription to one of our premium packages we offer a variety of solutions. This article explores SEPA credit transfers.


What is SEPA? A brief overview

SEPA is the acronym for the Single Euro Payments Area - a payment integration initiative with the aim of making cross-border bank transfers within the EU as simple as domestic transfers. At the time of writing, participating countries include the 27 member states of the EU, the 4 members of the EFTA and the UK.

The SEPA project challenges the fragmentation of the national markets for euro (€) payments to create a single domestic market.

Citizens, businesses and public authorities can make and receive cashless payments to any account within the SEPA using one account and one set of payment terms.

Bank accounts within any eurozone country can make and receive payments across the eurozone as if the transfers were made in the account’s home country - making it easier to receive things like salary payments whilst working abroad.

This doesn’t only benefit the account holders but the European economy as a whole - by standardising financial practices, developing the tech infrastructure and creating common procedures across regions, it is hoped that the SEPA project will reduce the cost of moving capital around the area by up to 3% of the GDP.


Using SEPA transfers to pay for your Zervant subscription

We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to pay for your subscription using SEPA payments.

To make sure SEPA payments are processed correctly, please observe the following terms of use carefully:

With regards to the following conditions, “I” refers to our customer:

  1. I must enable SEPA Direct Debit (DD) payments with my bank

  2. I must have funds available in my bank account at the time of each payment

  3. I must not dispute subscription charges made to my bank account by Zervant

  4. I understand that if I make any payment disputes, for whatever reason, a new invoice including all dispute fees will be issued immediately

  5. I understand that after two payment disputes, SEPA Direct Debits will be blocked as a payment method available to my account


When prompted to set up payment for your Zervant subscription, you will see this option:

We work in collaboration with Stripe, our payment partner for subscriptions and online payments. 

Now that your payment is processed, you will receive an email from Stripe each time your monthly subscription is debited from your bank account via SEPA Direct Debit:

If any problem arises with your SEPA payments, please contact your bank and refer to our terms detailed above before getting in touch. 

For any other enquiries, you can ask our customer success team for expert guidance or refer to our Help Centre for more information.

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