How to convert an XLSX file into a PDF file

We have created a guide for you on how to convert XLSX files into PDF files on Microsoft Excel if that is the format that accommodates your reporting needs. In this article, we use the "Transactions report" for accountants as an example, but you can apply the instructions for any report that you can download from Zervant.


How does it work?

1. Download your report from Zervant as an .xlsx file under the tab >Reports

Download your report as an .xlsx file


2. Create a sheet on your workbook for every type of transaction: Created invoices, Received payments and Sales receivables on different sheets on Excel. Copy the transactions that you want to place on a separate sheet, press the plus button at the bottom of the page to create a new sheet, and paste the transactions to the new sheet.

Create a separate sheet for each transaction 

3. When you have separated all the different transactions to their own sheet, add the total to the end of each sheet at the bottom of the column for the gross total. Write =SUM at the bottom of the column with the gross total, to add the total for this column. Then mark the sums that you want to be shown in the total and press enter.

Add the total to the end of the column with the gross total 

4. Go to the page layout and set the Orientation as Landscape. Select the >Print area button to set the Print area on the sheet. This action will reveal lines on the sheet which will show the print area.

Set the oriantation to landscape and set the print area after this 

5. Optimise the size of the columns by making them smaller or bigger. Remember to keep the columns inside the print area.

6. Finally, select >Print and >Save as pdf. Make sure that you save it as landscape and that you have chosen the entire workbook.

Save the pdf with the correct settings by choosing Print -> Save as pdf

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