Qred (Sweden only)

Please note that this service is only available on Swedish Zervant accounts. In addition, this service is a pilot and accessible for a limited number of users.

What is Qred?

Qred is small business loans made simple. There are no start fees, no hidden fees and no lock-in period. 
It is fast and easy to apply, you get an offer within an hour, and once you have accepted the offer, Qred will pay out your funds the same day. 

Read more about this service on Qred’s website

How to take it into use?

1. Go to the Financing tab on your Zervant account.
2. Click on the green "Apply on Qred’s website" button. 
3. From here you can get started by clicking the green "Apply now" icon. 

 Since this is a pilot project, all feedback is very welcome. Give feedback here.
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