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Creating delivery notes

A delivery note is a document sent along with a shipment of goods. It lists up the content of the shipment and the quantity of the goods delivered. 


With Zervant you can create a delivery note from scratch, or download a PDF delivery note from an invoice.


Creating a delivery note from an invoice

1. Go to the >Invoices tab.
2. Choose the invoice from which you want to download a delivery note.
3. Select >Delivery note under the >More drop down menu.

Create a delivery note with Zervant

Creating a delivery note from scratch

  1. Go to the >Invoices tab.
  2. Navigate to the green button "New invoice" and click on the arrow.
  3. Select >New delivery note and create an individual delivery note.

You will be able to fill in the products that were delivered, and the date of the delivery.

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