Creating estimates

With Zervant you can create and send estimates to your customers. 


Creating an estimate

1. Go to the tab >Estimates and click >New estimate. All your created estimates will appear on the left side of the screen
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2. The estimate editor will open. Fill out the details and choose how you want to customise your estimate using the settings panel on the right side. When you are happy with the content, click >Next and you will be taken to preview the finished estimate


3. >Approve and send your estimate to your customer right away or >save as a draft to send it later. Press >Go back to make changes in your estimate


/!\ If you have more than 8 lines in a description field, everything after that will be cropped, and the text will not appear on your document. To avoid that, create more than 1 description field if you have more than 8 lines in one. 


Converting an estimate into an invoice (only available for Premium plans)

Once your customer approves the estimate, you can turn it into an invoice. Just select the estimate you want to turn into an invoice and click >Convert to invoice on the right upper side. This will lead you to the invoice editor, where you can edit the invoice before approving and sending it. To find out more about how to create and send an invoice click here.

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