Keeping track of your invoices

It is important to keep track of your invoices that you have sent to your customers to follow-up on the latest statuses of the invoices and payments. Our Zervant software offers you multiple ways of keeping an eye on your invoices.


Dashboard overview

A good and easy way of doing this is to check the Zervant dashboard view or the >Home tab. This page automatically appears once you have logged it. It offers a quick overview of your open and overdue invoices:
Zervant Dashboard and home screen


Another helpful tool is our >Notification System. You can find the 'alarm bell'-icon in the upper right side of the tab bar. It informs you for instance, if a certain invoice has been paid or has become overdue:
Notification on Zervant


Invoice statuses

Under the tab >Invoices, you can manage and overview the statuses of your invoices.

Click on the headlines over your invoice list to display all >Outstanding invoices or click >More to show invoices that are >Overdue or >Paid.

Select an invoice and click the status button on the right. The possible status are Created, Sent, Overdue and Paid. When you mark an invoice as Paid, choose the date when the invoice has been paid and to which account. Currently, we offer the options Cash in hand and Bank accounts. 

Click here to learn more about invoice statuses.

status 6.png

If you have marked an invoice as Paid and you wish to change something, delete it or edit the payment, please change the status back to Sent (not paid) on the same button.

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