Pricing of Online payments

Zervant's Online Payments service carried out in cooperation with Stripe means your customers can pay invoices directly online with a simple click via credit or debit card. Learn more about this feature here.

When you send your invoice via email to your customer, they can use the online payments feature by clicking >Pay online. They will pay the amount on the invoice as usual, which will then be transferred directly to your bank account by Stripe within seven business days.

Stripe will deduct a fee of 1.5% of the invoice value, as well as a fixed fee of €0.25. Our fee for this service is an additional 0.5% of the invoice value. These fees apply to Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards issued in Europe (3.75% + €0.25 for non-European cards).


Here is an example:

  • You create and issue an invoice with a value of €50.
  • You enable Online payments for this invoice.
  • Your customer pays the €50 invoice by clicking the “Pay online” button.
  • The €50 goes to Stripe and the invoice will be marked as paid (both in your Zervant and Stripe accounts).
  • Stripe will pay €48.75 into your bank account (the €50 on the invoice, minus the fees outlined above) within seven working days.
  • You can see the receipt for the Stripe fee for this payment in your Stripe account.
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