Online payments for invoices

This service available in Zervant is carried out in cooperation with Stripe. It allows your customers the option of paying your invoices online directly by credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express). This will make it easier for your customers to pay your invoices allowing you getting paid faster!


How online payments work

1. Go to >My account -> Payment methods and click on Get started.


This page will now appear on your screen:

2. Click the green Connect with Stripe to activate button.

You will be redirected to Stripe’s website where you will need to create an account. Fill out the form to set up your Stripe account.

Please note that the Business website is a mandatory field. However, if you don't have a website for your company, Stripe also accepts a detailed business Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Creating an account to Stripe is entirely free of charge, and will allow you to see the payment status of the invoices you have enabled online payments for. On your Stripe account you can also choose whether you would like to send your customers a receipt confirming invoice payment.
If you already have a Stripe account, you can click >Sign in at the top right corner of the Stripe form to connect your Stripe account to your Zervant one.
Once the registration is done, you will be returned back to Zervant and a pop-up message will inform you whether the integration with Zervant was successful. If successful, Stripe will also send you an email confirmation.


3. A check box to "Accept online payments for invoices sent by email" will now appear in your Online payments settings.


You find another check box to enable Online payments also in your email sending window. It is checked by default, but you can always uncheck it before sending the email, if you do not want to offer your customer the option of paying the invoice with credit or debit card.

Activating Online Payments in email invoices in Zervant


What this means for your customer

When your customer opens the invoice by clicking >View invoice & pay now in the email, he/she will be redirected to a new webpage where your customer will be able to pay the invoice with a debit or credit card by clicking the green >Pay now button in the top right corner.
Zervant Online Payments for customers


Once your customer has paid, the invoice will be marked automatically as paid on both your Stripe and Zervant accounts. Stripe will forward the corresponding amount (minus the Stripe and Zervant fees) to your bank account (the details of which you have saved in Stripe) within 7 business days.


There is a minimum amount per currency for Stripe card payments, in euro the amount is € 0.50. You can see the full list here.

Please note that an invoice cannot be paid in partial installments. If your customer wants to pay single instalments using online payments, the instalments will need to be split across multiple invoices rather than on one invoice only. 
If you have questions regarding the use of Stripe, please contact them directly.
Please read more about the associated fees of this functionality. 

If you wish to deactivate this feature, simply go to:
My account -> Online payments -> Deactivate online payments.

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