Payments with Swish (Sweden)

Customers who sell services or merchandise and accept payments with Swish can use Zervant invoice type "Sales" to issue invoices to their customers. 

To start issuing invoices with Swish as payment method please follow the steps below:

1. Go to My Account -- Payment method
2. Add your Swish id and Save

The next time you want to issue an invoice go to the Invoice tab. Click on Create Invoice. Select the invoice type "Sales" and "Default" invoice template. When the invoice is saved the Swish number will be visible on the invoice. 


If you wish to mark the invoice as paid with Swish rather than bank account you can take the additional steps below:

1. Go to Reports -- Balance Sheet --Edit Accounts
2. Add an account e.g. nr. 1940 under B9. Name the account Swish. The account type should be bank account. Save

​Once you have added the account to the account plan you can mark the invoice as paid the Swish account.

Swish 2


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