Understanding e-invoicing addresses

We have simplified our steps for e-invoicing addresses, so that you only need to insert one parameter if your customer wants you to send them an e-invoice. You can fill out the information under your customer's details.

E-invoice address

Your customers need to provide you with their e-invoice address. An e-invoice address is a type of ID that can take several formats depending on the country your customer is based in and the e-invoicing service provider they use.

Some of the most common formats include VAT number, Orgnr, GLN, DUNS, IBAN, and OVT. It is important for you to ask your customer what format the address is since this is an obligatory field using e-invoices in Zervant.

A couple of helpful sources for you to learn more about e-invoice addresses can be found from our e-invoicing partner Basware:

  • Their glossary, especially "E-invoice address"
  • Their list of different e-invoice addresses


E-invoice operator (Finland only)

In our Finnish Zervant version, the field of the e-invoice operator will be also displayed. The e-invoices are automatically routed from our e-invoice operator Basware to the recipient's provider, therefore, we recommend you to keep the default setting ("Automatic" recommended).

It can happen that the e-invoice operators' directories are not up-to-date which lead to an error in the automatic routing of e-invoices. Please only manually select your customer's e-invoicing operator if the automatic routing fails first. Make sure you choose the right e-invoicing operator from the drop-down menu.

Check here for the list of operators Basware cooperates with. Your customer's operator needs to be present in this list for the e-invoicing to work.




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