What is e-invoicing?

What is an e-invoice?

E-invoicing is a type of invoicing where all the same information of a regular invoice is provided in a digital format, and paper is completely removed from the process, making it easier, cheaper and more efficient. Your e-invoices are created, sent, received, processed and archived electronically, eliminating the traditional method of printing or scanning, posting or emailing, and then waiting for the recipient to handle them manually.

At Zervant we use Basware as our partner for delivering invoices to the right recipients. Please note that not everyone can receive e-invoices. Please check with your customer how they wish to receive the invoices.

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Why should I send e-invoices?

E-invoicing helps your customers pay your invoices faster and more efficiently, as they are received immediately by their invoice processing system when you send it (as opposed to an invoice sent in the post which can take several days). Also, large companies usually handle their invoices in one software in order to improve efficiency. Many are now adopting e-invoicing for precisely this reason. E-invoicing saves costs (e.g., paper, printing and storage) when compared with more traditional methods which makes it also eco-friendly!

You can learn more about e-invoicing from our video.


How much does this cost?

E-invoicing in Zervant is included as part our Zervant Premium plans. Therefore, there are no costs for your customer when using this service.

How to subscribe to a Zervant Premium plan

How can I update my Premium plan and payment method?

Please note that it is not possible to receive e-invoices in Zervant. 




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