Can I edit/delete an estimate?

Both draft estimates and approved estimates can be edited and deleted. To edit or delete an estimate, go to the >Estimates tab, select the estimate you wish to edit or delete, and click on >Edit or >More >Delete
Edit Delete Estimate.png
Useful tips:
  • Edits you make to draft estimates will not be recorded anywhere. However, if you edit approved estimates, all the approved estimate versions will be archived under the >History (>Estimates tab - choose an estimate - see the History tab on the bottom right).
  • If you delete a draft estimate, it will disappear entirely and cannot be recovered. However, approved estimates that are deleted can be found under the >Estimates tab - see the options on top of the page >More >Deleted.
  • If you made a mistake and accidentally deleted an estimate, you cannot restore it. You can create a copy of it though by choosing the deleted estimate >More >Copy as new.
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