Sales of goods to other EU member states (Germany)

First make sure that your buyer has a registered VAT number and add it to your customer data. You are not supposed to add VAT to the price of the producet when following preconditions are met:
  • The buyer has a registered VAT number;
  • You have proof of the goods being delivered to another EU-country;
  • The buyer has purchased the goods solely for his/her company;
  • The buyer is subjected to the taxation of the goods.

Proof of transportation/delivery
You as the supplier are obliged to provide proof and evidence of the goods being delivered to another EU-country. This, however, is only applicable for a customer of another EU county with a valid VAT number. If you sell goods to a private customer (without VAT number) you need to add VAT charges but you do not need proof of transportation/delivery.
Transportation: Duplicate of the invoice, delivery note and acknowledgement of receipt
Collection: Duplicate of the invoice, delivery note, written confirmation of the shipper
Delivery: Duplicate of the invoice, delivery note, track and trace protocol or receipt of postal service.

Both the buyer's and the seller's VAT numbers need to be on the invoice. You can easily check the buyer's VAT number on the European Commission's online service. You can add your own VAT number at My account -> Company contact information.

Creating an invoice for sales of services to another EU country:
1. Go to the Invoices tab and click on Create invoice on the right.
2. On the right side of the editor you see the invoicing settings panel. Select Sales of goods to other EU member states as invoice type.
3. If needed, you can also choose another Currency and Invoicing language.

Note! You need to add the legally required text "Steuerschuldnerschaft des Leistungsempfängers" on the invoice footnote. The sales will automatically appear correctly on the VAT report.

Note! If you choose another currency and add products/services on the invoice directly from your registry, you will need to manually recalculate the price of the product/service according to the new currency.

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