How can I delete my Zervant account?

In case you decide that Zervant is not a good fit for you, you can delete your account anytime.
You can delete your account in the web browser or in the mobile app.

Please note that deleting your account is permanent. Once it has been deleted from the system, all the data and information you have stored in Zervant will also be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved so backing-up beforehand is highly recommended.

Delete your account in the web browser: 

Navigating to My Account  >User account  >Delete.

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Please note that your account is not deleted yet at this point. For security reasons, you are logged out of your account. You will receive an email to your login email address to confirm the deletion.

It can take a couple of minutes until the email message to confirm deletion is shown in the email mailbox. Please also remember to check the spam folder.

Please confirm the deletion of your account through the button in the email sent to you.

Delete your account in the mobile app:

Click on your company logo in the upper left corner and then navigate to >Settings >Delete account.

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Error when deleting your account:

Please note, that if you have an active premium subscription, it is not possible to delete the account. This means that you first need to cancel your subscription, and only after that delete your account.
Please also note, that the subscription is valid until the end of the billing period, and before the subscription has ended, it is not possible to delete the account.

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