Creating a Recurring Invoice Profile

If you have an agreement with your customer to provide them with the same products/services on a regular basis, you can set up a >Recurring Invoice Profile. This allows you to create a repeating invoice on a set time interval. Invoices created by a Recurring Invoice Profile will appear under the tab >Invoices and can be managed as usual. However, this is a Premium feature only available for users on a Zervant PRO-plan or higher.


How to set up a Recurring Invoice Profile

1. There are three options creating a Recurring Invoice Profile:

  • When creating a new invoice by clicking on the green >New invoice drop-down menu selecting >New recurring profile,
  • By selecting the sub-tab >Recurring profiles and clicking the green button >New recurring profile,
  • When creating a new invoice in the invoice generator by checking the box >Recurring invoice on the right-hand panel


2. This opens the recurring invoice settings at the top of the invoice editor. Set the >First invoice date (replaces date of invoice; cannot be set in the past) and the >Frequency of recurring invoice as:

  • Weekly
  • Biweekly (every second week)
  • Monthly (same day as first invoice)
  • Monthly (last day)
  • Quarterly
  • Semiannually (every 6 months)
  • Annually



3. Select the Duration - this can be indefinitely or set to a defined to a number of times

4. Choose the Delivery - select between >Create and send by email, or >Create only options.

When selecting >Create and send by email, you can click >Edit message to open the recurring invoice sending modal, where you can set the recipients and edit the message. Please note that the email subject line is automatically set and cannot be edited. At this time, it is also not possible to add attachments to recurring invoice profiles.

Create only will generate the invoice, but will not send the invoice to the recipient and will need to be activated at a later date. At this time, it is only possible to send recurring invoices by email, but you can manually send recurring invoices by e-invoice or by post choosing it from the invoice list and clicking >More >Send by e-invoice/post.

5. If you want to be notified each time the recurring invoice is created or sent, select the corresponding tick-box. 

6. >Preview your first recurring invoice and your settings. Clicking >Save draft will not activate your recurring invoice profile and will not generate invoices yet. Clicking >Start recurring profile will start generating invoices from the first invoice date. If the date of first invoice is the same date of first sending, then the first invoice will be generated and the recurring invoice profile will begin.


Following up on Recurring Invoice Profiles

Once a recurring profile is created, it can be accessed from the sub-tab >Recurring profiles of the tab >Invoices. All necessary information about the recurring profile can be found from here, including the Customer, Date of creation, Frequency, Repetition (e.g., how many invoices were created so far), and Status (Active, Inactive, or Completed):

  • Active denotes profiles that are currently sending invoices
  • Inactive indicates paused profiles (i.e., invoices are not being sent)
  • Completed are profiles that have sent the pre-determined number of invoices - these cannot be reactivated

Under the sub-tab >Recurring profiles, you can manage the status of your profiles, see the invoice sending history, see when the next invoice will be created, and >edit the recurring profile to change the subsequent invoices. Finally, you can remove a recurring invoice profile by selecting it and clicking >delete.


Please note:

  • If the date of a recurring invoice profile is set on the 31st day of each month, it will be created/sent on the last of months that have fewer than 31 days.
  • When setting the frequency of a recurring invoice profile as Monthly (end of the month), the first invoice will automatically change to the end day of the current month.
  • The information in the email will be the same for each invoice sent in the recurring invoice profile, except the invoice number shown in the email subject line. 
  • Issues with sending invoices will appear under the invoice in the tab >History.
  • If you delete a recurring invoice profile, it will NOT appear under the tab >Deleted, and cannot be recovered.
  • Recurring invoice profiles do not support Custom Payment Schedules or Down payments.
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