Using Zervant promo codes

If you have received a promo code, it is possible for you to apply it to receive a discount from your monthly or annual subscription to our Zervant Premium plans.


Where to apply promo codes

1. Go to >My Account >My Plan and click on >See plans in the upper right corner to choose from a subscription plan.

2. Once you have made your selection, you will be forwarded to the payment page.

3. Click >Redeem code in the left box and enter your promo code there. Click >Apply to activate it. The discounted price will be displayed.



How promo codes work

  • Depending on the promo code you use, you will either receive a time-based percentage discount from your subscription (e.g., 50% off for 1 month), or a discount based on a monetary value (e.g., £10 off your chosen plan).
  • Billing for our premium plan subscriptions is recurring. So when you log in to Zervant again, even if you have used a promo code, you will see the date for your next billing cycle on your dashboard. The amount for this billing cycle will, however, be £0 (or a discounted amount lower than the usual monthly price depending on your promo code).
  • For now, it is not possible to use a promo code if you’re currently on a trial or if you’re already paying for one of our plans. 


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