Invoice line types

The invoice row on your invoice, estimate or receipt shows detailed information about the service/product you offer. Open the invoice (or estimate) editor to edit the invoice rows.


Add a new product to your invoice

Click on >Add item or select it from the drop-down menu to add a new product to your invoice. Enter the description for your product/service or use the drop-down menu to select a product/service from your list. You can also select >New product, if you want to add a new product that has not been saved in the product database yet.


Add a description field to your product

If you want to add a descriptive text to your product, click on the drop-down menu next to "Add item" and choose >Add text field. Describe the product in the newly added field just below the product.

Tip: Note also the downward pointing arrow on the top right corner in the field. By clicking it, you can save the text to use it later. You can save as many texts as you want and add them to the field by clicking the arrow and choosing >Select a pre-saved text.


Add a subtotal to the invoice

Sometimes it might be important to add a subtotal to your invoice. You can do so by clicking on the drop-down menu next to "Add item" and choose >Add a subtotal. The subtotal includes all products that are listed above the subtotal line. If you have already added a subtotal somewhere above, the new subtotal includes only the products/services that are listed below the previously added subtotal.


Add a title

To increase the clarity of the listed products/services on your invoice, you can add a title by clicking on the drop-down menu next to "Add item" and select >Add title.


Drag & drop invoice rows

You can move around every invoice row via the drag & drop function. Simply hover with your mouse over the left hand side of the invoice row until three vertical dots appear. Now hold the left mouse button pressed and move the invoice row up or down.


Add a discount

On some invoices you might want to add a discount. You can do so by ticking the box on >Discount under the invoicing settings on the right hand side. Once clicked, the Discount settings will appear. Click on the drop-down menu >Discount settings to choose whether you want to add the discount to the total invoice price or per invoice line. You can also decide whether the discount should be a certain amount or a certain rate and whether it includes or excludes VAT. To disable the discount, untick the Discount box. 

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