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The receipt for my Premium plan is missing from my email. How can I find it?

You can view and download all Zervant receipts under -> My Account -> My plan -> Purchase history.

Find my receipt in Zervant under my account, my plan and purchase history
You can also see all the invoices created for your Zervant payments and their statuses:
Zervant payments and their statuses

The payment status can be:

  • Paid - the payment has been successful.
  • Overdue -  the payment has failed, e.g. due insufficient funds, card is no longer valid.
  • Disputed - you or your bank has disputed a SEPA Direct Debit payment.
  • Upcoming - this invoice has disputed payment/s gathered. You need to pay it to continue using Premium services, otherwise your Premium plan will be cancelled.
  • Void - this is rare, but there can also be a voided invoice, e.g. due to a goodwill gesture.
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