Downloading your Zervant Reports

We currently offer five types of reports allowing you to keep track of your invoicing and export your sales information for your accountant or accounting software.


Sales report

Shows all your invoices categorized by month and details how your sales figures are progressing over time. The Sales report can be downloaded as .csv, .xlsx file or as a pdf.

Please note: the option >Download pdf invoices will automatically download all your invoices over your chosen period as separate PDFs in a .zip file. This is useful if you have a lot of invoices.

Sales report.png


Sales by customer / by product

Formerly known as "sales breakdown", these reports inform you who your most valuable customers are, as well as your best-performing products/services. 

Both the above report types can be downloaded as a pdf or as .xlsx or .csv file.


Transactions Report

Shows your invoices along with their relevant status:

  • Open: your outstanding invoices that you have created during a chosen period on top of the page
  • Paid: the invoices that you have marked as paid during a chosen period

The Transactions report can be downloaded as .csv, .xlsx file or as a pdf.

Transaction report.png


Pre-Accounting Report

Lists your transactions cash-based and according to double-entry bookkeeping. This should help you to transform your sales information for your accounting with greater ease.

You can download this report in a .csv, .xlsx or .si format.


Useful tips about Zervant reports:

  • Drafts, deleted invoices and estimates are not shown in any of these report types.
  • Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add additional information/columns to these reports.
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