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Invoice settings inside the editor

Item rows

By using the invoice >Settings panel in the invoice editor, the following columns can be added or removed from the invoice/estimate under >Visible columns:

  • Date
  • Quantity
  • Unit
  • (Unit) Price
  • VAT %
  • VAT Total
  • Row number

It is currently not possible to have more than a single VAT % per row.


Please note that it is not possible to modify or rename the columns. The default settings can be accessed and changed under >My account >Invoicing settings or in the right panel of the invoice >Settings under >Edit default settings


Message field

Add more detailed information about your content of your invoice, e.g., specifications about your products, payment terms, or send a message to your customer.

If you want to add a default message for all your invoices, you can add it under >My Account >Invoicing settings.



Like the message field, the footnote is there to add additional information for you. Oftentimes, terms and conditions, legal notes, or regulations are mentioned here. 

Please note that it is currently not possible to have different company details than in the top left corner of the invoice below the footnote. If you wish to add another address/email/phone number of your company, you can do it e.g., by adding it in the fields "Message" or "Footnote". 


Invoicing currency

Invoices can be issued in other currencies than the default currency you have selected.

1. Go to the tab >Invoices and create a >New invoice

2. Select your wished >Currency from the right-hand panel of the invoice >Settings

3. >Enter an exchange rate (optional).
Zervant will automatically provide the daily exchange rate (, but it is possible to edit it

4. Proceed with filling out the details (products, etc.) and finalise the invoice (>Save as draft or >Approve and send).


In the overview of your Invoices tab, the invoice will be listed based on your default currency, but if you select the invoice, the details will show the currency it was created in as well as the corresponding value in your default currency. Please note that if you add products or services directly from your product register, and change the currency, you will have to calculate the price in the editor. 

For example:

If you have a product priced at 100€, add it to your invoice and change the currency to USD, the price of the invoice will be USD 100. Here you can make use of the daily conversion rate visible in the editor and manually calculate the correct price for the currency.

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