How can I change my invoice numbering prefix from 'TEST' or '2023'?

To change your invoice numbering prefix, go to the invoice editor (>New invoice) and click >Choose next to the Invoice number:



A pop-up will open in which you can change the prefix and set your invoice numbering sequence. Please check our Invoice numbering article for more details.


For recurring invoices: 

If you have several recurring invoice profiles, we invite you to read this article: How to change the invoice number sequence on recurring invoices?


If you have only a few, you can follow the Click on your recurring profile > Edit, and Change the numbering sequence, and save. 



Any recurring profile will keep the numbering sequence it was created with, until it is edited. 


Please note:

  • You have to approve the invoice to save the new sequence
  • If you save your invoice as a draft, you will need to repeat the steps above to update the new prefix
  • It is NOT possible to change the prefix for already confirmed invoices



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