Invoicing with reverse VAT in the construction industry (Finland)

Reverse VAT means that the buyer is responsible for the sale's VAT declaration. Reverse VAT is usually only implemented in the construction industry and only concerns trade between companies. VAT is not included on these invoices.

When invoicing with reverse VAT, it is important that the invoice contains the reason behind implementing  reverse VAT as well as the buyer's and seller's VAT - identifiers (Company numbers).  


Creating an invoice with reverse VAT for sales of construction services

Start of normally by going to the Invoices tab, and press on Create invoice.

On the right side you will find the invoice settings. From the Invoice type drop down menu, choose Sales of construction services (Reverse VAT).

VAT will now not be visible on the invoice.

Zervant will also automatically fill out the legally mandatory text "Lasku ei sisällä arvonlisäveroa. Ostaja on verovelvollinen AVL 8 c §:n mukaan" in the invoice footnote. 

Remember that you also have to declare all sales with reverse VAT. Zervant will automatically include these sales in the VAT report.

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