Importing multiple products

You can easily import an existing product/service list to your product database of your own Zervant account.

1. Go to the tab >Products

2. Either click >Import products on the right-hand side of the screen or click on the >three grey horizontal lines to import your products from the menu


3. You have two options to import your products/services data in the new window:

  • >Copy-paste cells directly from an Excel file into the grey text box on your screen
  • Click >Choose file to upload a .csv-file
    Please note: save your .csv-file in a UTF-8-format


4. Click >Import products. This will take you to a page allowing you to sort the data. Sort the columns based on your imported data, such as, product, prices incl./excl. VAT, VAT, units, etc. You can also ignore the first row if that line includes only the headlines for you data.

5. Click >Import products to confirm. 


Please note

  • Save your .csv-file in a UTF-8-format
  • The maximum supported csv-file size is 5MB. If you file is larger than 5MB size, split and save your file into multiple, smaller files for importing


Read more about managing your products/services here.

Find out how to export your products/services here.


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