Creating and sending an invoice

After choosing >New invoice either from your Zervant welcome page or from the tab >Invoices tab, these are the necessary steps in order to create and send an invoice with Zervant:

  1. Select or create customer
  2. Set the invoice number, date and payment terms
  3. Add one or multiple products or services
  4. Modify the look and feel of the invoice from the settings
  5. Preview, approve and send

We'll walk you through these steps more in detail below.

Firstly, create a new invoice by clicking on the green >New invoice button. On the image below, you see how it looks like from the tab >Invoices. You'll also get here from your dashboard or the first page that opens when you log in to Zervant.



How to select or create a customer

From the upper left corner, you can >Select or create a customer for your invoice. You can either select a customer from the drop-down menu or start typing the customer's name. You can create a new customer by clicking >New customer on the drop-down menu.



How to set the invoice number, date and payment terms

Select the date of the invoice and the payment terms. You can furthermore edit the reference number of your invoice. If you want to edit the invoice number, click >Change next to the Invoice number line.


How to add products or services

Next, you can add one or multiple products/services to your invoice. >Press the drop-down menu under Description to choose a product from the list or click >Add item if you want to add a new product that has not been saved in the product database yet.

>Click on the small downward pointing arrow next to Add item to open a drop-down menu if you want to add a new product, a title to your product list, another text field to your product, or separate the invoice by adding a subtotal. If you want to relocate any of the invoice rows, simply click on the >three vertical dots in front of the invoice row and drag and drop the invoice line.



If you copy paste text from somewhere else, use the "past and match style/paste without formatting" function in order to display the text properly in the invoice.


How to modify the look and feel of the invoice

You can further modify the invoice according to your needs from a set of options on the right-hand side of the screen. By clicking >Settings, you can, for example, choose the invoice type, currency or which columns are visible on the invoice. You can also add a discount to all or individual products.

You can also customise your invoice design by clicking on "Customise document design".

You can access features available on our premium plans to further automate your invoicing and get paid faster, such as recurring invoices, down payments and payment schedules.


How to preview and send your invoice

If you are happy with your invoice but don’t want to send it yet, you can choose >Save as draft and come back to it later. But if you want to finalise the invoice, click >Preview to oversee the invoice one last time before sending it to your customer.

If everything is correct, you can select your wished delivery method by clicking on >Approve and send.


Read more about invoicing here: Can I edit/delete an invoice?

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