Can I customise my invoices?

Currently, invoices generated with Zervant cannot be modified in terms of colour, text styles (e.g., font, size, etc.), layout of different elements or borders (e.g., spacing). The invoicing template is default and importing a custom template is not enabled.

However, you can choose the fields that appear on your invoices by customising your >Invoicing settings. For example, Message and Footnote fields allow you to insert custom texts on your invoices. Click to learn more about customising your invoice document.

Another option to personalise your invoices is to add your company's logo. Check our article on how to add your company logo. Please note other images or photos cannot be added to your documents.

The invoice header and footer (incl. your logo and invoice information) as well as the payment details at the bottom of any pages of your invoices cannot be hidden. This includes all pages that come after the first page.


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