Adding your company information

You can add your company information you wish to appear on your invoices:

  • By clicking >Edit company details on the dashboard/Home screen
  • Under >My Account >Company details
  • During invoice creation (in the right panel >Edit company details)


Company logo - you can add your company logo to your documents here. Click to read the instructions

Company name - add your company name here. If you have trade names, those can be added on the upper right corner >Add trade name (Premium function).

Company contact email - this can be the main email address you use for your company. It does not need to be the same as your login email (username).
Please note: The email that will be shown on the documents (invoices, receipts, estimates) is under >Contact person >Email (see below).
If you want to change your user name with which you log in to your Zervant account, go to >My Account >User account.

Company registration number - add your company registration number here. You can only have one company ID on your Zervant account and the same ID cannot be used on other Zervant accounts.

VAT number - add your VAT number. You can only have one VAT number on your Zervant account and the same VAT number cannot be used on other Zervant accounts.

Default VAT - select the VAT percentage you usually apply to your products/services. You can also define a certain percentage to all your products/services when you create them under the tab >Products or choose the percentage in the invoice editor.

Country - your country will be automatically filled out based on your selection when you created your Zervant account. 
Please note: the country cannot be changed once your account has been created. If you want to correct or change your country, the only possibility is to delete your account and create a new Zervant account. Attention! Once deleted from the system, all the data and information you have stored in Zervant will be permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved. You also cannot use the same email address to create a new account.

Address - add your company's address here. It will be displayed with the company name on the documents.

Contact person - here you can add a specific contact person. It can, of course, be you. All information inserted here will be shown in the documents' footer under Contact information.


You can modify all this information at any point. Just remember to click the >Save button on the bottom of the page to apply your changes. If you have updated your company information, you might need to refresh your existing drafts to see your updates on the documents.

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