Using Svea Yrityslimiitti (Finland only)

Please note that this service is only available on Finnish Zervant accounts. In addition, this service is a pilot and accessible for a limited number of users.
What is Svea Yrityslimiitti?
Svea Yrityslimiitti is a financing service we are offering through our partner Svea Ekonomi. It’s a financing service that you can think of as a business loan, but more flexible. You can apply for credit from €5,000 to €100,000. The credit given is determined by Svea, depending on your eligibility. After receiving your credit, you are not required to spend it all - you can decide on whether you spend all, some, or none of it. It can be a helpful insurance for times when you know your cash flow is low.
How much does it cost?
  • Set up fee: 1% of the credit you received
  • Monthly fee: €10
  • Monthly interest: starting at 1.08% and depending on the credit you have spent (not the total credit you received from Svea).
  • Monthly loan repayment: You can choose how much to pay back each month. However, the minimum is the monthly interest plus a monthly fee of €10.
How to take it into use?
1. Go to the Financing tab on your Zervant account.
2. Click on See Svea’s website (in Finnish).
3. From here you can get started by clicking “Hae limiittiä tästä”. For the application you only need your online banking credentials, but please note that you must be an authorised signatory of your company.
Am I eligible for this service?
Svea determines your eligibility for this when you apply. They will do a background check on your company and your solvency needs to be in order. After you have applied, you will get the answer immediately. If you have more questions about this, please contact Svea Ekonomi directly.
Read more about business credits on Svea’s blog (only in Finnish). 
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