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How to edit the message when sending invoices via email?

When sending an invoice via email to your customers with Zervant, add the recipient/recipients. The first recipient will be added automatically and is based on the email address saved in the customer's information. You can also add two more recipients for a total of three if you need to send the invoice to multiple recipients.

By checking the >Send a copy to myself box, you can choose to receive a copy of the email yourself. It will always be sent to the email address that is saved in >Company contact information (under >My account).


How to make the email more personal 

The subject line of the email is given by default, but it can be freely modified. The following default message will be included when sending the invoice via email:


Please find your invoice attached to this email. 

Thanks for using our services!

Best regards,

Your name
Your contact information

You can change this default message in the message field and save it for the next time by checking the box >Save as default message.

You can also add attachments alongside your invoice or estimate when sending by email. Please note that this feature is available in our Premium plans. To add an attachment, click on >Choose file... in the email sending window (the maximum size of all attached files is 20MB). You can read more about this here.


Can I edit the email address from which I send the invoice?

When you send an invoice directly from Zervant, the sender address is Unfortunately, you cannot edit or change this address.

However, if you wish to send the invoice from your own email address, we recommend you to download the invoice as PDF and subsequently attach the invoice to your own email. The name of the PDF generated is default and cannot be changed at this stage. However, you can change the name of the file once you have downloaded it on your computer.


What if my customer answers the email?

Even though the documents you create are sent from, any response from your customer is delivered to the email address saved under Contact Person (>My account >Company details >Contact Person):

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