Using time tracking

With Zervant you can easily keep track of the amount of time you have spent working on a project or providing a product/service. Please note time tracking is available for all plans but the functionality to transfer entries into invoices is only available for our Zervant Premium plans PRO, GROWTH and MERCHANT

Please note, this function is available on the web browser only.


Creating entries

Create a new entry by going to the tab >Time tracking and insert the information on the right panel:

1. >Choose or create the customer you wish to invoice

2. >Select the date on which the hours were tracked

3. >Create a new product or choose an existing one from your Product/Services list

4. >Add the number of hours for which you wish to invoice. You can also add products with units other than time.

5. >Add a description if needed. This will be shown on the list with the entries on the left and will be displayed on the invoice in the product description field


The first four fields are mandatory in order to save the entry. The description is optional, and you can add information on to the invoice before approval.


Managing entries


All your Time tracking entries are shown as a list on the left side of the screen and can be filtered by category or customer. The two categories are:

  • Outstanding: Entries that have not yet been invoiced
  • Transferred: Invoiced entries 

If a mandatory field has been deleted (e.g., customer or product), the entry will mention “Deleted by you”. You will need to correct this entry before it can be invoiced.


Deleting entries

By selecting one or more entries using the checkboxes on the left, a grey >Delete button appears on top of the screen. Clicking here will delete the selected entries.


Editing entries

Choosing an entry from the list on the left opens it on the right side of the screen. Here, you can edit and save the entry. If you clicked accidentally and do not want to edit the entry, click >Cancel. Please note, you can only edit outstanding entries.


Invoicing entries

Note! This functionality is only available for our Zervant Premium plans STARTER, PRO, GROWTH and MERCHANT

>Select one or more entries to invoice them.

Please note, you can only invoice one customer at a time. If you select multiple entries for different customers, you will be unable to click on >Transfer to invoice.
You can group entries on your invoice, either by product or tracked entry. After transferring the time tracking entries, you can continue creating the invoice as usual.


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