Managing the status of your estimates

Estimates created in Zervant can have several statuses:

  • Draft: when an estimate has been created and saved as draft
  • Created: when the estimate has been created but not sent by email yet
  • Sent: created estimate that has been sent by email
  • Accepted: the sent estimate to the customer has been accepted by the customer
  • Declined: the sent estimate has been declined by the customer
  • Invoiced: the estimate has been converted into an invoice

You can also change the estimate status manually.


Changing the status of your estimate

To change the status of your estimate, select it in under the tab >Estimates and click on the status button.


Select the new status from the drop-down menu and click >SaveEstimates converted to invoices are automatically marked as >Invoiced. Please note, once an estimate status has been set as Invoiced, the status can no longer be changed.


Interactive estimate statuses

Once your customer has received your estimate by email, they can accept or decline it via the estimate portal by clicking on the >Take Action button and selecting the corresponding button.


​When your customer approves or declines your estimate, its status will automatically update in your Zervant account on the tab >Estimates.



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