Creating payment reminders

With Zervant you have a function to remind your customers to cover your invoices. You can either send your customers a manual reminder or set up an automated process that will inform your customers based on your settings. Please note that Payment reminders are a function available in Zervant Premium subscriptions


Manual reminders

You can create a manual payment reminder on the tab >Invoices by selecting an invoice and then clicking >Send reminder on the right side of the screen. Choose your preferred delivery method from the drop-down menu:
send reminder.png

When sending by email, you can choose the subject of the email and edit your message.


Automatic reminders

Alternatively, you can set up Automatic reminders. Enable this feature under >My account >Payment reminders and choose from the different options to send a payment reminder:

  1. A set number of days before the invoice due date by email
  2. On the invoice due date by email
  3. A set number of days after the invoice due date by email - this option allows you to also send recurring reminders: for example, set as "7 days", Zervant will continue send a reminder every 7 days after the due date until the invoice is marked as paid
  4. A set number of days after the invoice due date by post

It is possible to activate selected options or all options based on your own preference.

Automatic reminders sent before or on invoice due date can only be sent via email. You are able to edit all subjects and messages that are sent via email. If you want to send automatic reminders by post, you can only send it out after the invoice due date.


Please note:

  • There is no limit on how many reminders you can send by email. Just remember if you send them by post, they will count toward your premium plan delivery quota (e.g., on the Zervant-PRO plan you can send a total of 10 invoices/reminders by post per month).
  • Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add a late payment fee to the reminder. 
  • Activate Online Payments to make it easier for your customers to pay you from your payment reminders 
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