Tax credit for household services (Finland)

You can give a tax credit for household services if you do household work in your customer’s home or holiday apartment. Such work includes cleaning, childcare and renovation.
Here is a list of household deductible work on the Finnish tax administration website.
In Zervant you can add a household deduction to your invoice by selecting the dedicated invoice type:
1. When you’re creating an invoice, select (from the right-hand side of the screen) under the Invoicing settings -> Invoice type -> Tax credit for household services.

2. Next, mark the invoice lines with the deduction by checking the box on the left-hand side of the row. Remember to check carefully what is deductible, and separate the work into different invoice lines accordingly.
3. A text will appear on the invoice:

Please note, we don’t yet offer a dedicated report for this invoice type, although the invoices will be marked with the correct accounting account on the Transactions report for accountant under Reports.
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