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When you refer Zervant to a friend, everyone wins. If your friend uses your personal referral link and signs up to one of our Premium plans, you’ll receive a cash reward and your friend will be able to use our Premium tools free for 30 days (free trials apply to pay-monthly plans only). Skip to the bottom to see the current referral rewards.



How to use the referral link

  1. Log in to Zervant and go to My Account > Refer Zervant
  2. Here, you will find a personal referral link that you can copy and share with anyone, as many times as you like. Share the link anywhere, over email, text message or social media.
  3. Your friend can access Zervant through this link and create a new account. This new account will be subsequently counted as a "referred-account". If your friend does not use this link, their account will not be counted as one of your referrals.
  4. After setting up the referred-account, your friend can immediately use the free version of Zervant (check the notes below for more details).
  5. To get your reward, and for your friend to get their 30 days of free Premium, your friend needs to subscribe to one of our Zervant Premium plans.
  6. Once your friend has subscribed, we will pay the reward to the bank account that you have entered under My Account > Payment methods

For example, if your friend subscribes to the GROWTH monthly plan, they will receive 30 DAYS free use of the Premium tools and you will receive £54 every three months for 1 year, assuming they are subscribed to the same plan.


The Rewards

  • Your friend will get an extended free trial of 30 days to one of our Zervant premium subscriptions (applies to monthly plans only).
  • You’ll be rewarded the equivalent of 50% of their subscription fees (excluding VAT), paid quarterly, for 1 year. 
  • Please note that a valid bank account number (IBAN) is a prerequisite for a payout. Please also note that missing bank account details will result in the inability to process payments, even retrospectively.
  • Rewards are paid quarterly and depend on the referred-account subscription fees that have not been disputed.
  • You can refer Zervant to as many people as you want.
  • You can find the full terms of the referral programme here.
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