Sending invoices by post

Zervant offers you the function to send invoices by post with only a few clicks, without having to print out the invoice or go to the post office yourself. Please note that this is a feature that requires a Zervant Premium subscription. This is how it works:


1. Create a new invoice as you normally would. If you are ready, select >Approve and send from the preview screen and choose >By post

2. >Fill out all required information of your customer (marked with *) to send the invoice by post. In the same window below, you will see a number of remaining invoices that you can send via post or as an e-invoice from your current subscription plan.


3. Click >Send. Please note that once sent, the sending process via post cannot be stopped.


You can follow the progress from the tab >History of the invoice. Here, you will see if it was sent and delivered successfully. 

Your invoice will be printed to ensure that it fits local envelope sizes, and will be sent by our partner Basware, a global leader in invoice delivery services for software companies. Basware will make sure your invoice is in the post within one working day, after which it will be delivered according to second class delivery schedules in your country.

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