How to use the Zervant mobile app with the mobile app

Download the Zervant mobile app for free and start using it on your mobile device right away! You can use the same login credentials as in the browser version. 

Please note: We are constantly developing our mobile applications to offer the same functions as in the full web app. Therefore, as it is an ongoing development process, some features might not be implemented in our mobile version yet. 


iOS App

When you open your app, you will see your dashboard with an overview of your due and outstanding invoices as well as your sales during the past 12 months.




Invoice list

When you open the app, you will automatically start from the tab >Invoices wit all your invoices listed. 

  • You can filter your invoices by their status like in the web app or see more details of an invoice by tapping on it.
  • You can mark an invoice as >Paid by selecting an invoice, and tapping on the status button in the middle of the screen. From this view, you can also send the invoice, edit or delete it.


Invoice creation

1. Tap the >plus-button (+) on the top right-hand corner of your screen to create a new invoice. This takes you to the editor, where you can select your customer, add your invoice rows and specify any other details you wish to include.


From the >Invoice number button at the top, you can specify other aspects of your invoice (e.g., reference number, discount, currency and language of the invoice).

Tap >Add item to add and modify the product/service from your database to your invoice. Using the >three dots next to "Add item" to add titles, text fields and subtotals to your invoice.
2. Once you are ready to send your invoice, tap on either >Next to preview the invoice or the >three dots icon beside it to >save as a draft.
From the preview, you can click on the >box-arrow in the top right-hand corner to send your invoice.

The current delivery options supported in the mobile app are:

  • Send by email
  • Send as e-invoice
  • Send via post
  • Download as PDF
  • Share with a link
  • Approve and close


Customers and products

By tapping on the corresponding tab, you can navigate to your >customer and product lists.

Here, you can add customers and products via the >plus-button (+) along with any additional information. To add them to your database, tap >Save in the top right-hand corner.


Additional features

By navigating to >More, you can check your account and read more about our application from the About us section. Tap >Support to check our Help Centre or contact our customer support team. We are constantly improving the app and will expand the list of supported features in the future.


If you wish to subscribe to a Premium plan, please navigate to our web version at

For more information about mobile app functions, please check out What is available on the Zervant mobile app?

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