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Sales of services outside EU (Sweden)

In Zervant you are able to create and send invoices to countries outside the EU.

Regarding sales of services the rule of thumb is that the VAT should be declared and paid in the country where the service is consumed. We therefore recommend to be in contact with the tax authorities or an authorized accountant whether your services should be taxed in Sweden or not. The Invoice type: Sales of services outside EU should only be used if the service is not taxed in Sweden.

Sales of services outside EU is declared in box 40 of the VAT declarationform. In Zervant these VAT-less sales are automatically recorded to the correct spot on the VAT report when you mark the invoice as paid, if you have used the correct invoice type. 

In this example we will create an invoice in USD that will be sent to an American customer.

  1. Choose the Customer
  2. Choose the Invoice typeSales of services outside EU
  3. Language: English
  4. Currency: USD. When you choose another currency a new field will appear showing the conversion rate. This conversion rate represents that days conversion rate to your own currency, and can be modified. In the invoicing overview the amount of the invoice will be shown in SEK, but it will not affect your accounting as you can still change the conversion rate when you mark the invoice as paid.
  5. Add your goods as invoice rows.
  6. The VAT column is hidden by default, but you can add it back to the invoice row with the field visible columns to the right.
  7. Fill out the payment terms and remaining fields.
  8. Add a reference number or a message.
  9. Preview the invoice and Save or Send


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