Issuing credit notes

A credit note is a document issued by a seller to a buyer. It is issued in the circumstance of a previously issued invoice needing to be eliminated (e.g., in case of damaged goods or errors in issued invoice). A credit note can also be issued if a customer returns goods to you. The balance of payment is then settled by issuing the credit note.

The credit note must show the following information:

  • Reason - why it was issued
  • Total amount credited (excl. VAT %)
  • Number and date of the original VAT invoice

A credit note issued in Zervant lists the products, quantities and agreed prices for products or services the seller invoiced the buyer and are now to be reversed.

In Zervant, you can create a credit note of an invoice marked as Not Paid.


How to create a credit note

  1. Go to the tab >Invoices
  2. Choose the invoice (mark as >Not paid if needed)
  3. On the right side of the screen, click >More >Credit note.
  4. Our system automatically fills the information of the original invoice
  5. After approving the credit note, the original invoice and the credit note are automatically marked as paid. The next number in your invoice numbering sequence will be assigned to the credit note.


Partial credit notes

Unfortunately, we do not offer partial credit notes yet meaning you can not change the amount to be credited.

What you can do:

  1. Create a credit note normally to cancel the entire original invoice's amount
  2. Create a new normal invoice with the correct amount
  3. Send the new normal invoice to your customer and explain in the field "Message" the error/mistake in the original invoice. Refund your customer the difference if needed.


  • Original invoice 100 EUR, but you wanted to create one for 50 EUR
  • Credit note -100 EUR
  • New invoice 50 EUR

Please note:

  • It is currently not possible to create credit notes for Custom Payment Schedule invoices
  • If you need to delete a credit note, mark the invoice as Not Paid, then click >More >Delete. ​Once deleted, a credit note cannot be restored or copied as new. However, you can always create a new one from the original invoice.


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